Learning path to become a Python full stack developer

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Learning path to be a Python full stack developer

Full stack developer is a term that has been on the rise increasingly. These web developers are always in demand. Python full stack developers are a subset of this full stack web developer. They are named so as they specialise working with this one language Python.

In this article, we are going to explore and expound on some technologies used by the proponents of full stack development with Python suite of technologies. Let’s see why a crop of web developers choose to specialise with Python in web development.

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Who’s a full stack developer?

A web developer who works with a few layers of web development(up to a point) and has the capacity to work with all the layers of web development and is capable of building a full fledged website or a web application from scratch all by themselves. They have the know-how of all the technologies involved.

They work with a stack of technologies and are hence called full stack web developers. They are considered as the unicorn of web development. The easy way to becoming a full stack web developer is to take a data science course offline at an institute.

What’s a Python full stack developer?

A stack is comprised of multiple technology and the more prominent and visible ones being the front-end development or the user interface, the back-end development or the server-side and the database layer.

When all or almost all the technologies, frameworks and tools are based on Python, then a web developer mastering such tech will be designated as a python web developer. But that is not to say that these python full stack developer won’t need knowledge of any other language or technology. Every beginner web developer has to master HTML, CSS and JS. These are basic requirements and are a good point of reference to start learning.

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Why learn python?

Python is a high-level general purpose programming language. It is one of the most readable languages when compared to others like Java, C, C++. But, at the same time, it is also high in efficiency.

learning path to be a full stack developer

It’s easy to learn!

It has an easy learning curve and is a great choice for those who are starting out in the field of web development. Since it is a tool preferred by novices and experts alike, there are a whole host of tools available for building web sites or web apps with Python.

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Don’t need to code much!

‘Less is more’ is something that’s true in the case of python. The language is popular for its simplicity and ease of use. So, take up an online course on python and get started towards mastering python.

It’s good for first-time coders

Watch a few videos and you are good to go. It’s simplicity and clarity allows you to grasp the fundamentals faster. Along with ease of learning and use, i is also a great place to begin your coding journey. Learning python is a stepping stone to learn other languages like Perl, Ruby and Javascript.

Great flexibility

CPython, Jython and many other robust Python implementations are available. CPython is Python with C, and Jython is python implementation in Java.

Strong resources and active python community

There are a lot of open source libraries and frameworks available for python. The community of Python developers is extensive and active. They contribute a lot to the growth of the language and keep it updated.

So, if you are learning web development, it is in your best interest to be a Certified Python Developer.

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Salary of a Python full stack web developer

The salary drawn by a python developer is on par with other full stack web developers. As such, the average salary of a full stack developer is around Rs. 5,00,00/- per annum. With your speciality, mastery of skills and experience along with the location of the job and your education profile, you may be paid a lot more as a python full stack developer. Know what full stack web developer skills you should learn to be a good python full stack developer.

python full stack developer

How to become a Python full stack developer?

The process is very simple on paper. In practice, it is a bit more complicated. The first thing you need to do is to master python. Then you need to learn and practice many other technologies and frameworks which we will soon discuss. The easiest route is to do an online course on full stack web development.

You will be introduced to a few basic and must learn tools and technology and also python. Then you can choose your tools according your skill profile. Use our roadmap to full stack web development to decide what tools to learn. You can also go through the article on how to become a Full stack developer.

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The full stack web development frameworks

Full stack web development tools

You should also learn about different front-end frameworks and specialise with some back-end tools and technologies before proceeding to learn and specialise in one language.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the technologies and tools that are required for a complete web development process.

Development Environment

IDE- Python specific integrated development environments are easy to use and are better when we have to test or debug. They are more preferred than the text editors. Examples are PyCharm, PyDev, Jupyter Notebook etc. Learn how to build a chatbot with full stack web development.

Text Editors- Everyone needs a place to write up the code. That is the text editor. IDEs have text editing option but most text editors don’t have IDE features.There are open source and proprietary editors.Atom, Vim, Visual Basic Code are examples of open source and komodo is one that you’ll have to pay for.

Version control- Source or version control is to store and maintain a record of every small change made to a code. This is particularly useful when a team is collaborating on a project. Every modification made to the file is stored and it becomes easy to track changes and find errors, if any. Git is the most popular repository and VCS.

Database and related technology

RDBMS- Relational database management system is the traditional database used in web development. They store data in a series of ables and were the popular choice in Python full stack web development. They use languages like SQL to manipulate and do operations on information in the tables. MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL are all examples of RDBMS.

NoSQL- An alternative mode of storage that has become widely accepted and ever increasing in popularity. Supporting horizontal scaling and non-relational in nature, they are the new normal. MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB are examples of NoSQL database.

Web design and development

CSS frameworks- Bootstrap and Foundation are the two most popular CSS frameworks used.They provide abstract web design that is easy to implement in web applications. They are used to create user interfaces with a responsive design.

Template engines- They allow users to generate output in desired content types HTML,XML or PDF. They are typically used as an intermediate format by programmers to manipulate the output. Jinja2,django templating, mako are some of the popular templating engines.

Frameworks- There are any number of Python based full stack frameworks that can and is used for web design and development. This library of codes make for easier building of web apps by allowing us to build reliable and maintainable web apps.

Python based frameworks also are great at offering scalability. Django, Flask,Bottle,Pyramid and more are some frameworks based in Python.

APIs- There are API frameworks. They provide machine-readable data transfer. It is used to rip the data off the HTML and get to the content.

API frameworks provide code for commonly used functionalities while building your own API. Django REST framework,Flask RESTful, API Star are examples of API framework.

There are many more technologies involved and all of these are desirable skills. Take skills one by one and according to your skill profile and get started learning the skills that will make you a great Python Full Stack web developer.



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