How to select and apply for jobs with full stack job description?

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jobs with full stack job description?

Full stack developer description overview

The first thing to do is to clarify the term full stack developer. They are a breed of developers who are experts at working with various layers of web development- the front-end, back-end and the databases.

One important thing to remember is that most of the time, they will also be specialists in one technology while having working knowledge of other technologies. They will be working mostly on their area of expertise but will work with the other technologies whenever there is a requirement.

The job description is an important part of the job search as well as posting vacancies. Here we’re going to see the job description template of full stack developer and how a candidate can select where to apply.

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Company description

This is a must when you are searching for a job. The job description is skills and work specific and the company description will give you a background of the industry and maybe the team. The company will give their year of inception and what field they are in and what they do. This will give you a general idea on their requirements beforehand.

Skills of a full stack developer

The skills of a full stack developer is the envy of the coding world. The list is inexhaustible. Here’s a roadmap to full stack development to get an idea of what skills to learn first. Also check out the detailed article on skills of a full stack developer. You can develop the more technical skills by taking a course on full stack development at our Crampete learning centers.

full stack job

HTML and CSS coding

They are mainly used as front-end development tools. These languages are a skill for every web developer. They are the foundation skills for web development. Every full stack developer beginner learns HTML,CSS and JS.

High experience with either front-end or back-end programming.

This will depend on the company’s requirement, whether they want a front-end specialist or a back-end specialist.

Experience with front-end languages/ Experience with back-end programming languages.

Front-end languages including JS, and Actionscript. Back-end/ server-side scripting languages are many like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and JS.

Experience in using full stack frameworks and libraries.

MEAN stack, Django, Spring, spring boot, rubyonrails, and many more. Depending upon the project requirement, the skills in framework will be mentioned. Here’s a list of full stack frameworks you need to know.

And here’s a specific list of front-end development frameworks and back-end development frameworks that are great choices for learning.

Experience with APIs and Push notifications.

This experience also extends to designing and developing own API if needed.

Experience using version control systems.

It can be any vcs like Git or mercurial. Git is by far the most popular vcs and maximum jobs will expect you to be familiar with git.

Technical writing

Design and define application scope and objective. Draw up functional and technical specifications for the written document.

Project management

You have to manage skills and time effectively for the best solution possible to achieve, depending on whether you work solo or in a team.

Critical thinking and Problem solving

The full stack developers need critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. There is never a project that takes off without a single hitch. When there is an issue, the full stack developers have to brainstorm and figure out a way to troubleshoot asap and find a unique solution that will solve the issue in a very short time.

Communication skills

A must for almost any and every job you apply for is communication skills. There is no use in having a good idea if you are unable to convey it and share it with the team in an understandable manner. Full stack developers also need strong communication to interact with their clients and other department personnel.

Other skills desirable

A list of any other technology or framework required by the company for this job. This list can also add any other full stack frameworks and tools.

Education and Qualification

Full stack developers can get a job with a bachelor degree in computer science or engineering. Master’s degree holders are also preferred. Additionally, certifications of completion of full stack developer course is attractive as it means that you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JS and a MEAN stack framework based on JS and additional few frameworks.

You can also take an online course on full stack development for the same. Additional certifications in programming languages like Python, PHP or Java is desirable as it shows your knowledge in these languages.

Full stack job description

Job description of full stack web developer

We are looking for a passionate coder who is a whiz with front-end coding and has in-depth knowledge of the back-end programming. [This could also be in reverse, with specialty being back-end and front-end being the additional expertise]. This highly skilled programmer is expected to be collaborative, work with other teams like other development teams and designers.

Full stack developer is expected to manage the life cycle for production of the application and be involved in the ideation of new products when required. The full stack developer should have excellent organizational ability and problem solving attitude.

The above description is generalized to an extent. If there are any details about the project that the company can share, they will do so. This will help attract the best suited full stack developer for the position.

Responsibilities of a full stack developer

Design architecture of the web app

Collaborate with team on design

Work to launch new features

Maintain quality, responsiveness of app

Maintain code integrity

Responsible for data protection

Work with graphic design team and convert design to visuals

Develop for both desktop and mobile

Maintain a copy of the code you write by pushing it to git

Collaborate with team to complete the project efficiently

Troubleshoot if necessary

What should you look for in the descriptions in the job board?

Every job description is different, as are the skills wanted and the requirement. The pay will also differ according to the work, location, as well as the company.

Company description

Every job listing will have a few details about the industry and the company. There will be a bit in-depth information about the company, what they do, how long they have been in the market and other general details. Go through these details and figure out if this company profile is a good fit for you.

Company specific requirement for skills

Each industry and every company is different. Keep this in mind when looking for a job. As the requirement changes for each company and their projects, so does the skills required. In many cases, different teams working for the same company will have a different set of requirements. Try to hit maximum required skills and a few of the desirable skills to be considered for the post.

Responsibility at the job for a full stack developer

Look at the list of responsibilities that you are expected to take care of, if the position would be yours. Many times, there will be a big list of responsibilities but low pay. But, generally speaking, your pay will be proportional to the responsibilities. You alone can decide if applying for the job is good for you.

The salary of a full stack developer

The full stack developer is an in demand job and it pays really well. Every industry pays the full stack web developer salary according to their industry norms. The salary of a full stack developer is Rs. 5,00,000/- per annum on an average. You can get a high salary and hat will depend on your education, university where you completed your degree, your location and your experience.



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